Inside Winter Training: Lillian Thomas

TAMPA, Fla. – Throughout Kansas rowing’s week and half training trip to Florida, various Jayhawks will give an inside look at what’s happening each day during winter training with the ‘Inside Winter Training’ Blog.
The Jayhawks are on the tail end of their training trip in Florida and we checked in with another freshman, Lillian Thomas, to see how her first experience with winter training was going.
Wednesday started off with my usual routine of waking up and having breakfast with the team, then walking over to practice. After a restful beach day, everyone was ready to get started with practices again. 
This morning was a lot colder than most mornings, so we were all bundled up for our row, taking our steady state workout through the curvier parts of the river by resident’s homes. The row was very smooth, full of power and guided by coach Charley (Sullivan), setting up for the rest of the day’s activities.
After getting off the water, we walked as a team to the University of Tampa dining hall where I had the best grilled cheese I have ever eaten in my life. I always enjoy eating as a large group because I get the opportunity to sit with girls on the team that I may not know as well.
Following my midday nap at the hotel, I made my way to the boathouse for the second practice of the day. I was in a four where we did a harder workout, which we had not done before. The workout was challenging, but I know that it will prepare us well when it comes to racing season. I am looking forward to the four matrix tomorrow where our practice in the smaller boats will show its importance.
After dinner, I made my way to our trainer Logan’s room, where I did active recovery with a bunch of my teammates. Logan promotes active recovery, so we are at 100 percent of our abilities for the next practice, making a difference in our overall performance. Now it’s time to finish off the night watching movies and resting up for tomorrow’s practice!
Rock chalk,
Lillian Thomas




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