Inside Winter Training: Raven Swingler

TAMPA, Fla. – Throughout Kansas rowing’s week and half training trip to Florida, various Jayhawks will give an inside look at what’s happening each day during winter training with the ‘Inside Winter Training’ Blog.
A coxswain has a different point of view of winter training and Raven Swingler checks in with a coxswain report.
Monday marks just over half way through winter training. We are officially nine practices in of our 16 total practices.
Today started just like any other morning. My roomie, Riley (Varuska), and I got up around 6:50 a.m. to get ready to head down to breakfast. After we finished, we walked over to the boathouse for our 8 a.m. practice.
From there, we journaled about the ‘no excuse mindset’ and how it applies to a championship culture. As a coxswain, our before practice prep is different from the rowers. While the rowers are stretching and wrapping their hands, we are making sure we have everything we need for our row.
From the right set of oars on the dock, all the way to extra spacers for the oar lock.
Once we have all our prep done, it’s time to gather up our boats and get launched. Today’s morning row was steady state and drills. My boat got about 20k meters in this morning.
After practice we walked over to lunch where we sat and ate with our assigned families for the day. Meeting up with our different families for lunch and dinner is one of my favorite parts of the day. I enjoy being able to sit with different people each day and getting to know them better.
Once all the coxswains made it back to the hotel, we went on a run on the beautiful Riverwalk. Shout out to all the Jayhawk fans we met along the run!
After the run we got back and prepared to head out for afternoon practice. Afternoon practice was more steady state. It was a good last practice before heading to beach day tomorrow for our off day. Beach day was all everyone at dinner could talk about.
Now it is time to wind down and watch some KU basketball!!
Rock Chalk,
Raven Swingler



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