Up Close with Maria Jose Cardona

Kansas junior Maria Jose Cardona is one of just two upperclassmen on the Jayhawk roster in 2014-15. The Santiago, Chile native is currently playing on the No. 2 singles court and is paired up with senior Maria Belen Luduena as KU’s No. 1 doubles tandem. Cardona sat down to answer a few fun questions to Kansas fans get to know her a little better:
 Q: If you could have an endless supply of one specific food, what would it be? A: Pasta.
Q: What is one goal you would like to accomplish during your lifetime?A: I would like to do what makes me happy.
Q: What is one crazy activity you would like to try?A: Skydiving.
Q: Who is your celebrity crush?A: Ian Somerhalder.
Q: If you could go on a roadtrip with someone from the past or present, who would you go with?A: My mother.
Q: If you could wake up as any animal what would it be?A: A bird.
Q: What is a hidden talent that you have?A: Drawing.
Q: If you could be any cartoon character who would you be?A: Blossom from the PowerPuff Girls.