Postgame Quotes

Jan. 6, 2007

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Postgame Quotes
Baylor 71, Kansas 64
Jan. 6, 2007

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
On the game:
“I thought we played with confidence. I thought we played with focus. Our effort was good. We just, at times, don’t play real smart — and not that we aren’t smart, because we have bright kids. We make some simple mistakes, and we make it too easy on (our opponents.) We just have to eliminate that. We have to hold on and we have to compete every night, and we will. I just want to make sure they have confidence. We were six or eight points down, and we lost focus. That is too easy. You can’t win in this league if you are going to do that. I thought we played hard and I thought we were pretty aggressive offensively at times.”

On KU’s freshmen:
“They are competitive and they expect a lot from themselves. That is important for us when we go through these stretches where we are not able to come out on the right end. They are all self confident. They know they can get it done, we just need to string some better moments together.”

On Porscha Weddington:
“She didn’t hit all the shots she wanted to, but she had some big rebounds. She matched some of the athleticism on Baylor’s team. She elevates really well. She is just a shade over six feet tall, but she plays around 6-3, 6-4, because she elevates and has great length. We need to throw the ball inside more. It is not that we don’t have confidence in her, we have just gotten away from looking inside a whole lot. We have to give her better looks, and until she flashes to the high post, we don’t feed her. We have got to go back as a staff and make sure she gets touches, because she can finish in the lane.”

Kansas Player Quotes

Freshman Guard LaChelda Jacobs
On the game:

“I knew they were the #9 team in the country, and I just wanted to come out, play hard and give the team a little more than I did against Iowa State. I was just trying to come out and compete.”

On her scoring:
“It definitely felt good (to tie her career high). I wanted to come out and give something to my team. I just have to find a consistent balance; I can’t come out ready to shoot one game and not the others. I have to find that consistency in my shooting. Today, I was taking it to the basket, and my jumper improved in the second half. I was trying to get anything I could for us to keep it close or pull the score up. We have to have everyone working as a team in order to be successful.”

Freshman Guard Kelly Kohn
On Kansas’ defense:

“Postgame I was talking to LaChelda (Jacobs) and we both agreed that it felt as though we had just ran through a gauntlet or ran a marathon. On defense, there is still a couple of plays where we catch ourselves off balance, but for the most part I think we distorted their offense a lot. I think we got some deflection here and there that created some offensive plays for us. We definitely worked hard all night on the defensive end.”

On the game:
“There are little things that we can take out of each game. The way that we played and fought tonight was a good transition for us into the Big 12. There is some positives that we can take from the game tonight both offensively and on the defensive end. We just have to be smarter and learn how to play more consistently on both ends of the court.”

Junior Forward Taylor McIntosh
On Bernice Mosby:
“She is probably one of the most talented post players that we have seen so far. We have played against other teams that were bigger, more athletic and physical. I just tried to go out there and play hard like I always do.”

Baylor Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Kim Mulkey
On the game:

“I would first like to compliment Bonnie and her kids for fighting hard the entire game. They play very good defense and their kids play hard. When you have that many freshmen that are working that hard on the defensive end, that means they are doing what their coach is asking of them and playing hard. Danielle Wilson is one of the best freshmen in the league. She will contend for freshmen of the year on her shot blocking alone. She had 12 points in the first half and we would not have been in the position we were in at the half if it was not for Danielle Wilson.”

On Bernice Mosby:
“She played 40 minutes for us. She is a senior and a captain. It is very obvious that teams are going to double team her. I thought Kansas threw two and three players at her all night and she was very patient. She found her open teammates and she didn’t get frustrated. She lets the game to her today. I have to compliment Bernice and Angela Tisdale for playing the entire game without getting a break.”

On Kansas guards LaChelda Jacobs and Kelly Kohn:
“Looking at their stats they have shot this many shots combined before, but we were very aware of their talents. Kohn takes a lot of perimeter shots and handles the ball a lot for them. LaChelda is from our area so we knew she was going to want to play well against us. They have a young group but I am so impressed on how hard they play.”

Senior Forward Bernice Mosby
On the game:

“KU was very physical. They have great post players. They played real hard. For me is way all about focusing and finding the open player. I knew coming into the game I was going to be double-teamed, so I was always looking for the other post player. We talked a lot at halftime on how to get the other post player open.”

On finding her open teammates:
“It is important for me to find my teammates because you never know going into a game whether you are going to be on your game or not. I know coming into Big 12 play that teams are going to double team me and it is important for me to look for my teammates and for them to get open because even if you take me out the equation my other teammates can still finish and score. This win means a lot for us to open Big 12 conference play 2-0.”