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Oct. 9, 2004

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Lawrence, Kan. –

Kansas Football

Kansas State Football Quotes

Kansas 31, Kansas State 28 Oct. 9, 2004 – Memorial Stadium – Lawrence, Kan.

Head Coach Bill Snyder

On what he told the team after the game

“This is one of those big tests in life. It carries into what life’s lessons really are. It’s about character and truly being tested and your courage being tested. Life is full or choices and responses, and for our team it’s about how we respond.”

On K-State’s play

“I thought we were excellent in the first half. We gave up a couple of little shovel passes in the first half, that kind of hurt us. I thought we played well in the second half but didn’t have good field position. That’s what put our defense in the hole many times. We had a turnover deep in our territory that cost us a touchdown.”

On Dylan Meyer’s play

“I thought he played reasonably well. He has some trouble trying to do too much and he fell back trying to manage some things. But overall, considering what’s he’s been through, he did okay.”

Cornerback Cedrick Williams

“I thought we fought hard again. Our time has to come and it is going to come, we never quit. It seems like we take everybody’s best shot every week.”

On Mark Simmon’s TD

“He [Simmons] made a good catch with one hand. I was in a good spot – it was just one of those time when the ball fell into the right place.”

Running Back Darren Sproles

“[This loss] hurts a lot. We put up a fight tonight. We have to come back next week and practice hard. That’s all we can do. We’ll be okay.”

On the fumbled punt

“I just misread it and couldn’t get it back.”

On Dylan Meyer’s play in the second half

“He brought a lot of fire.”

On the crowd’s effect on the game

“The crowd did cause confusion on the line. You couldn’t really hear anything.”

Place kicker Joe Rheem

On the mood in the lockerroom after the game

“The mood is definitely not good at all. Right now we have to keep our heads up and turn this thing around. We can go two ways right now, up or down – and we always seem to find away to get back up.”

On his blocked field goal attempt

“I thought we had everything in place to make the kick. It happened so fast, that I really never saw where it came from. It may have been my fault, but it really doesn’t matter. It just hurt our team a lot.”

Kansas Football

Kansas Football Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Mark Mangino

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“I’m real proud of our kids. I thought that they played with poise the whole game. The defense did an outstanding job again. The offense was opportunistic and they did what they had to do. John Randle was ferocious again. Swanson did a great job in relief tonight. It was a good team effort. I want to give credit to Kansas State for a hard fought game and maybe now this is a game that the state of Kansas can be proud of.”


“It was a perfect throw and one of the finest catches I’ve seen in a long time. Mark Simmons just stayed focused and didn’t get distracted because he was covered very well. The throw was executed perfectly and it was great execution by those kids.”

ON John Randle’s TOUCHDOWN:

“The way we were playing and the formation they had, we thought if we could get a block by the fullback that it could work. John Randle has been a play-maker for us. We had planned the play with both Clark Green and John Randle, and when Clark got a little banged up we had to go with plan B for the run game. It’s good to have a backup plan because it worked out this time.”


“It was a great atmosphere. I want to tip my cap to the KU fans. They showed up with their game face on. I think we must have sold every student ticket we had. Our fans were awesome. They paid to come in and they came to cheer our kids on, and they did a great job to help us tonight.”

Junior Quarterback Jason Swanson


“Mark (Simmons) gave the defender a really good move off the line and I knew they were coming with some sort of blitz, so I just threw it out there hoping he would come down with a great play and he did.”


“We definitely are. We are in every game we play. We are one or two plays away from being 6-0. We believe we are in every game no matter who we play.”

Junior Linebacker Nick Reid


“That was a blast. I didn’t want to come into the lockerroom. I wanted to stay out there all night and celebrate with the fans. It was great to see the turnout we had with a sellout crowd. It was just awesome. I wish we could do this every game.”

Sophomore Running Back John Randle


“It felt really good, especially after my fumble. All I wanted to do was come back and make plays and keep my head up. It felt good to help the team and break a long run. I did it for the seniors. They’ve been playing so hard before Mangino got here, so that’s what I was focused on.”


“He just said maybe the times will change. It’s a new KU here and we are looking forward to the future.”