The 3rd Degree with Clint Bowen

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Each week during the 2015 Kansas football season Katie Falco from Time Warner Cable SportsChannel will get inside the head of a KU Football player or coach during an episode of The 3rd Degree. In addition to being a feature, The 3rd Degree will also air weekly on Jayhawk Insider, Thursdays at 6:30 p.m., on Time Warner Cable SportsChannel.  Falco gives assistant head coach/defensive coordinator/safeties coach Clint Bowen, a minute and a half to answer as many questions as he can in rapid-fire format.

Videos Video Archive9/3 – J. Shelley-Smith
9/10 – T.J. Semke
9/24 – Bryan Peters
10/1 – Shakiem Barbel
10/8 – Tre’ Parmalee
10/15 – Ben Goodman
10/22 – Joe Dineen
10/29 – Rob Likens
11/5 – Clint Bowen