Two-Minute Drill: Third and Long

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Third-and-long… Fourth-and-long… The line of scrimmage was rarely the standard 10 yards away from the first down marker. The offense and defense went at each other fully padded and in full-contact mode for a majority of Wednesday’s practice.
The defensive linemen are without a doubt the most vocal group of players on the field. Today, everyone found out they are the most boastful group outside of the trenches as well when the defensive front took their turn in front of reporters.
Each D-lineman that spoke to members of the media said that they had each looked at the single-season sack record and that it was a goal to break it this season.
It’s fitting that on the day head coach David Beaty called out the rotation up front as the deepest, strongest position on this year’s team that they would dominate the practice.
The scrimmage inside of the stadium comprised of a variety of situational sets playing against both the clock and field position.
With each snap the offense took, the ball seemed to move the opposite way it was supposed to or not move at all. The group of 11 defenders stymied their opposition for the majority of each situation.
Had the quarterbacks not been wearing no-contact jerseys, the guys talking about the single-season sack record might have broken it in today’s practice.
Throughout the portions that were geared toward the defense making a stop, Beaty and the defensive staff preached playing smart in order to get off the field and give their offense a chance to win the game.
The offense planned to draw the D-line off side with a hard snap count. Shockingly, no defender jumped into the neutral zone inducing a flag.
Each time the Jayhawks needed a stop – the defense came through. The only time the defense was penalized was for excessive celebration occurring at the conclusion of a fourth down stop.
Had it been a real game, Beaty would’ve been furious, but in a practice where he demands competitiveness and emotion – he was celebrating right along with them.  

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