Featured Freshman Friday: Madison Hutchison

Eating, sleeping and swimming is Madison Hutchison’s schedule—and it works for her. The freshman from Wichita, Kansas holds four school records at Bishop Carroll High School and a Kansas class 5A state title in the 100-yard backstroke. In this week’s Freshman Friday, KUAthletics.com met with Hutchison to get inside information on this closet Mozart fan.
 Why did you decide to swim for KU?
I always knew I wanted to swim in college, it was just a matter of where. I just loved the atmosphere here, the team was great. I also knew some of the swimmers already on the team, so when I first got here I already felt like a part of the team. Right away I already had a family, it was awesome. I knew Sammie Schurig, Hannah Angell, Haley Molden and Bryce Hinde through club swimming; we used to race against each other.
 What are you looking forward to the most being on this team?
I’m really excited about the meets, getting to compete. I’m excited to experience the atmosphere around that. I can’t wait for to travel with the team too, that’s always so much fun. The most fun travel meet that I’ve been to was to the Olympic Trials pool, it was one of the most fun meets I’ve ever had.
 Besides swimming, what are your hobbies?
I mean, really, all we do is swim so I don’t have much time for hobbies. I used to play basketball back in the day. Usually all I do now though is sleep and eat!
 What is your favorite pool game?
Water polo!
 What has been your most memorable swimming moment so far?
When I won state my senior year, I won the 100-yard backstroke. At KU, it’s been experiencing just the first few weeks here. Seeing how much stuff you have to do, getting to know everyone, it’s been really fun.
 What has been your favorite vacation?
We took a tour of Europe; we went to a bunch of different countries. We were over there for two or three weeks—it was a ton of fun.
 Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
Hopefully I’ll be graduated and done with school. Possibly have a job. I don’t quite know what I want to do yet, right now I’m pre-pharmacy but that might change—we’ll see.
 What’s your favorite KU tradition?
The Rock Chalk Chant is pretty cool. It’s intimidating.
 What’s your favorite food?
Anything Italian! My favorite Italian restaurant is Bucca di Beppo.
 What is your favorite song or music to get pumped up to?
I really like alternative music, but just to lay back and chill. To get pumped up, it’ll be hip hop or rap. The old stuff, like early 2000s, that era. That’s the good stuff.
 Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.
Hmm… I’m usually a pretty outgoing person so people know a lot about me! Here at KU, most people don’t know my family is a K-State family. My dad went to K-State, my brothers went to K-State, so right now our house is divided. That’s kind of interesting. I also really like listening to classical music. It’s kind of random. If I’m doing homework or something, I’ll just throw on some Mozart and listen to that.
 Hutchison is looking forward to her first travel meet with the team on October 13 when they travel to Nebraska-Omaha for the season opener. They return to Robinson Natatorium to host Denver and Missouri State on October 24.
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