Year-by-Year Records

Kansas Jayhawks
Year-by-Year Records
YearOverallConferenceConference FinishCoach
1881No Team------
1883No Team------
1895No Team------
1897No Team------
18984-2----J.R. Snyder
189910-4----Frank Jewett
190018-7----Clyde Nichols
1901No Team------
190210-4----Ulysses Plank
190310-6----Ulysses Plank
19046-3----Ulysses Plank
190510-5----Arthur Relihan
190622-13-1----Dick Kaufman
190720-10----Dick Kaufman
190813-5----Dick Kaufman
19098-12----Mills Ebright
19109-5----Arthur Sherwin
191112-7----Arthur Sherwin
191212-6----Arthur Sherwin
191310-4----Leonard Frank
191410-5-1----Leon McCarty
19158-4----Leon McCarty
19165-3----Leon McCarty
19175-3----Leon McCarty
19181-4----Jay Bond
19194-5----Jay Bond
19209-6----Leon McCarty
192113-2----Adrian Lindsay
37 seasons276-150-5 (.648)
                               MISSOURI VALLEY
192213-511-51stGeorge Clark
192314-213-11stGeorge Clark
19245-9-14-9-17thGeorge Clark
19253-113-107thGeorge Clark
19269-97-82ndJohn Bunn
192710-610-52ndJohn Bunn
192810-610-6-3rdJohn Bunn
7 seasons64-48-1 (.571)58-44-1 (.568)2 Conference Titles
                                              BIG SIX
19294-14-95thJohn Bunn
19305-122-115thJohn Bunn
19316-84-84thT.C. Bishop
19325-135-94thWayne Culp
1933No Team------
1934No Team------
1935No Team------
1936No Team------
19373-10-23-9-2 5thOle Nesmith
19383-93-86thRalph Conger
19398-105-9T-4thRalph Conger
19403-122-126thMike Getto
19413-103-105thF.C. Allen
19423-52-46thF.C. Allen
1943No Team------
19440-50-25thElmer Schaake
1945No Team------
19464-64-65thRed Dugan
19474-94-96thVic Bradford
13 seasons51-121-2 (.299)41-106-2 (.282)
NOTE: Frances Kappelman was replaced by Ole Nesmith three games into the 1937 season.
                                         BIG SEVEN
19487-125-10 7thRuss Sehon
194914-1111-7 1stWilliam Hogan
195010-88-8 4thWilliam Hogan
19516-95-95thHubert Ulrich
195211-68-6 3rdHubert Ulrich
19536-104-8 6thHubert Ulrich
195410-54-4 4thFloyd Temple
19556-162-10 7thFloyd Temple
195614-56-5 3rdFloyd Temple
195711-119-8 4thFloyd Temple
195814-8-211-6 4thFloyd Temple
11 seasons109-101-2 (.519)73-81 (.474)1 Conference Title
                                          BIG EIGHT
19599-115-116thFloyd Temple
196011-137-11 6thFloyd Temple
19615-142-12 8thFloyd Temple
196216-1113-8 3rdFloyd Temple
196315-1011-8 3rdFloyd Temple
196416-1111-10 4thFloyd Temple
196512-138-12 6thFloyd Temple
19668-173-15 8thFloyd Temple
196712-156-13 7thFloyd Temple
19687-204-14 8thFloyd Temple
196912-147-12 6thFloyd Temple
197015-810-7 2ndFloyd Temple
197111-226-15 8thFloyd Temple
197220-1011-9 3rdFloyd Temple
197311-155-13 7thFloyd Temple
197417-226-127thFloyd Temple
197515-255-137thFloyd Temple
197623-146-8 4thFloyd Temple
197722-23-15-5 2ndFloyd Temple
197834-13-18-4 2ndFloyd Temple
197934-13-111-9 3rdFloyd Temple
198026-1912-9 3rdFloyd Temple
198132-1913-14 3rdFloyd Temple
198223-2710-14 5thMarty Pattin
198317-179-9 6thMarty Pattin
198423-254-14 6thMarty Pattin
198519-30-15-17 7thMarty Pattin
198625-347-16 7thMarty Pattin
198715-39-13-21 7thMarty Pattin
198825-345-19 7thDave Bingham
198932-358-16 5thDave Bingham
199027-3110-14 6thDave Bingham
199131-2811-13 5thDave Bingham
199225-288-16 6thDave Bingham
199345-1817-9 2ndDave Bingham
199440-1817-9 3rdDave Bingham
199524-339-17 6thDave Bingham
199626-3011-17 6thBobby Randall
38 seasons780-779-5 (.500)309-465 (.399)
NOTE: From 1977-79, the Big Eight was divided into Eastern and Western divisions. The conference record and finish is record against teams in the Eastern Division.
                                              BIG 12
199731-2512-188thBobby Randall
199822-297-2011thBobby Randall
199914-404-2610thBobby Randall
200025-3010-209thBobby Randall
200126-307-2311thBobby Randall
200222-295-2110thBobby Randall
200335-289-188thRitch Price
200431-31-17-199thRitch Price
200536-2811-157thRitch Price
2006*43-2513-145thRitch Price
200728-309-179thRitch Price
200830-279-189thRitch Price
200939-2415-125thRitch Price
201031-27-111-15-17thRitch Price
201126-309-1810thRitch Price
201224-347-167thRitch Price
201334-2512-126thRitch Price
201435-2615-93rdRitch Price
201523-328-159thRitch Price
201620-35-16-179thRitch Price
201730-2811-137thRitch Price
201827-308-158thRitch Price
201932-2612-125thRitch Price
20207-10----Ritch Price
202130-278-16T-8thRitch Price
202220-354-209thRitch Price
202325-328-168thDan Fitzgerald
27 seasons746-773-3 (.491)237-435-1 (.353)1 Conference Tournament Title
*Big 12 Tournament Champions

NOTE: The 2020 season was shortened due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
133 seasons2,026-1,972-18 (.507)718-1,131-4 (.389)4 Conference Titles