Compliance Office

As a fan of KU Athletics, it is important to become familiar with NCAA, Big 12 and Kansas Athletics Compliance rules. Please review the following information as a brief guide to NCAA compliance and feel free to contact our office at any time. We appreciate your support and cooperation.

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A booster is any individual, independent agency, corporate entity (e.g., apparel or equipment manufacturer), or other organization that is known to:

  • Provide allowable benefits (e.g., summer jobs) to enrolled student-athletes; or
  • Be assisting, or to have assisted in, providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families, which would trigger booster status under NCAA rules. These benefits include, but are not limited to, financial assistance, use of a car, use of a cell phone, etc.
  • Have made financial contributions to the athletics department or to an athletics booster organization of that institution (e.g. Hardwood Club or any sport-specific booster groups);
  • Have participated in, or to be a member of, an agency or organization promoting any Kansas Athletics program (e.g., University of Kansas Alumni Association, K Club, sport booster groups, etc.);
  • Hold, or have ever held, season tickets for any sport with Kansas Athletics;
  • Promote Kansas Athletics in any way.

*This list is not exhaustive. Please contact the Kansas Athletics Compliance Office if you have any questions about your possible status as a booster. Once an individual or entity is deemed to be a booster it carries that status forever.

An extra benefit is any special gift or arrangement provided to a student-athlete, or student-athlete’s friends or family members which is not available to the general KU student body or the general public. Should a prospective student-athlete or current student-athlete receive an extra benefit, they will be ineligible for competition.

For Prospective and Current Student-Athletes (this is NOT an exhaustive list):

  • Cash or loans or the co-signing of loans
  • Assistance with paying bills, rent or mortgages
  • Use of an automobile or any other transportation
  • Entertainment of admission to an event (e.g. movies, athletic events, banquets, clubs, special events/parties, concerts, etc.)
  • Gifts of any kind, including those on special occasions such as birthdays, religious holidays, graduation, etc.
  • Free or reduced-cost services, rentals, or purchases of any type (e.g. meals, drinks, clothing, laundry, haircuts, legal fees, tattoos, golf, car services, etc.)
  • Free or reduced-cost housing for any length of time
  • Use of your telephone or credit card
  • Providing a meal or paying for a meal at a public location
  • Academic assistance of any kind (e.g., tutoring, editing papers/projects, assistance in completing class work, use of computer, etc.)

A prospective student-athlete is anyone who has entered the ninth grade. Impermissible activities with a prospective student-athlete include:

  • Having any type of recruiting communication including conversations, social media messages and letters.
  • Conducting any evaluation of their ability on behalf of the Kansas coaching staff or providing evaluations to the Kansas coaching staffs.
  • Contacting the prospective student-athlete. Getting involved in recruiting activities without consent from the Compliance Office could jeopardize the eligibility of the prospective student-athlete.

A recruiting inducement under NCAA rules is any special gift or arrangement provided to a prospective student-athlete that is not available to the general population. The arrangement of such a benefit would be considered an improper inducement to encourage the eventual enrollment of a prospective student-athlete.

Kansas Athletics is responsible for the actions of its boosters and fans and is always available to answer any questions regarding permissible recruiting activities.

Employment of a student-athlete is permissible, provided all six of the following conditions are met:

  1. Student-athlete is only paid for the work actually performed;
  2. Student-athlete is paid at the rate commensurate with the going rate in that locale for similar services;
  3. Student-athlete may not be compensated in any manner for any value or utility that he or she may have for an employer because of any publicity, reputation, fame, or personal following that he/she may have because of his or her athletics ability;
  4. Student-athletes must register all jobs during the academic year and the summer by completing the Student-Athlete Employment Form and returning it to the Athletics Compliance Office prior to beginning work;
  5. Proof of earnings is required and all student-athletes must submit a pay stub at the end of their employment. All paperwork must be submitted along with a verification of earnings; and
  6. Employers MUST confirm their employment of Kansas Athletics student-athletes prior to the student-athletes’ employment.


  • Student-athletes are not eligible for participation in intercollegiate athletics if he/she accepts compensation, or permits the use of his/her name or pictures to promote a commercial enterprise.
  • A student-athlete’s name or picture may not be used to advertise, recommend, or promote directly the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind.
  • If a student-athlete’s name or picture appears on commercial items (t-shirts, playing cards, posters, photographs, etc.) or is used to promote a commercial product without the student-athlete’s knowledge or permission, the student-athlete and the institution are required to take steps to stop such an activity in order to maintain the student-athlete’s eligibility.

NCAA rules prohibit student-athletes and athletic department staff members from participating in any sports gambling activity or providing information concerning competitions to individuals involved in organized gambling activities. Additionally, it is a violation of federal law for boosters, student-athletes, or staff members to tamper with the outcome of a collegiate contest. Please do not ask any student-athletes or staff members for information regarding student-athlete performance/injuries.

Top 10 Things Fans & Friends of Kansas Athletics Should Know About NCAA Rules:

  1. You should always report any suspected or known violations to the Compliance Office immediately.
  2. The NCAA holds Kansas Athletics accountable for the actions of its fans and supporters. If you are involved with NCAA violations (known or unknown), Kansas may have to forfeit games, entire seasons, scholarships, recruiting opportunities, or may be prohibited from participating in the postseason.
  3. You may send information about prospects to Kansas Athletics coaching staff members.
  4. You may continue established relationships with friends and neighbors whose children are prospects or student-athletes. The relationship must pre-date high school and is not based on his/her status as an athlete (this must be registered in advance with the Compliance Office).
  5. You may not be involved in recruiting prospective student-athletes on behalf of Kansas Athletics. A prospective student-athlete is a student who has started classes for the ninth grade.
  6. You may not become involved in arranging for a prospect, a Kansas student-athlete, or a Kansas student-athlete’s friends or family to receive money or financial assistance of any kind.
  7. You may not provide transportation to a prospect, student-athlete or their friends and family.
  8. You cannot spend funds to entertain prospects, student-athletes or their friends and family or provide them with any other extra benefit.
  9. You may not use a photo or name of a student-athlete for commercial purposes or sell student-athlete memorabilia.
  10. Always ask before you act!