Two-Minute Drill: Boomin' It

Having made only three field goals over 40 yards in his two-year career at Kansas, junior kicker Matthew Wyman lined up midway through Saturday morning’s scrimmage to attempt a 63-yard strike with the wind at his back.
Think back to 2013 when Wyman was a freshman. He had all the hype of a young kicker after drilling a 52-yard field goal from the left hash mark to give the Jayhawks a 13-10 victory on the final play against Louisiana Tech. That strike may have been the kick of the century, but it set expectations that a now seasoned veteran Wyman can live up to.
“That (Matthew) Wyman kid – I have been really impressed with his leg,” head coach David Beaty said. “He has some serious strength in that leg now and has matured a lot. He has done really well for us in the kickoff area too.”
With all the hype that comes from his powerful leg, Wyman took his spot about seven yards back from center at midfield Saturday morning. Both sidelines cleared and formed a circle around the field goal unit. Beaty yelled to turn the music up and had his team making a ruckus to put some pressure on the field goal unit.
The distraction didn’t faze anyone as holder T.J. Millweard called for the snap, placed the ball down and Wyman did his best Lou Groza impersonation drilling it right down the center of the uprights.
“That would have been good from 68 yards,” Beaty said. “He has a great leg.”
Wyman and the field goal unit weren’t the only things booming Saturday, as DJ Spencer D laid some tracks to set the mood for a students-only open practice. With the music, Beaty broke the pregame routine to invite the students down on the field for a friendly competition.
 A ritual in almost every practice, Beaty’s competition featured a test of accuracy with throwing a football into a net. Things didn’t end well for the coaching staff, as they were forced to do pushups after both the students drilled the net and assistant strength coach Justin Springer missed to put the staff on the losing end twice.
The day wasn’t all fun and games though. Shortly after the competition ended, the Jayhawks quickly went to work.
Everything aside from the student competition was run to practice game-like scenarios. Coaches relayed instructions from the press box, a pre-game warm-up was conducted and finally the offense and defense squared off in 11-on-11 to prepare for South Dakota State in exactly to weeks.

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